Author : Hobbie, S. E. Ogdahl, M. Chorover, J. Chadwick, O. A. Oleksyn, J. Zytkowiak, R. Reich, P. B.
Year :  2007
Title : Tree species effects on soil organic matter dynamics: The role of soil cation composition
Journal : Ecosystems
Comment : Understanding how species influence soil organic matter dynamics is important to predicting how soil C sequestration and fertility will respond to management decisions and as well as global environmental changes that alter plant species composition across the landscape. They found that tree species contributed significantly to variation in soil C and N dynamics, but not always via the hypothesized mechanisms. Trees (and tree species) influenced SOM dynamics in the mineral horizons primarily via their influence on soil cation chemistry and chemical stabilization, rather than via variation in detritus chemistry and biochemical recalcitrance.


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