Author : McGuire, K. L. Payne, S. G. Palmer, M. I. Gillikin, C. M. Keefe, D. Kim, S. J. Gedallovich, S. M. Discenza, J. Rangamannar, R. Koshner, J. A. Massmann, A. L. Orazi, G. Essene, A. Leff, J. W. Fierer, N.
Year : 2013
Title : Digging the New York City Skyline: Soil Fungal Communities in Green Roofs and City Parks
Journal : Plos One
Comment : Green roofs supported a diverse fungal community, with numerous taxa belonging to fungal groups capable of surviving in disturbed and polluted habitats. Green roof fungal communities were compositionally distinct from city parks and only 54% of the green roof taxa were also found in the park soils. Phospholipid fatty acid analysis revealed that park soils had greater microbial biomass and higher bacterial to fungal ratios than green roof substrates. City park soils were also more enriched with heavy metals, had lower pH, and lower quantities of total bases (Ca, K, and Mg) compared to green roof substrates.


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