Author : Bailey, N. J. Motavalli, P. P. Udawatta, R. P. Nelson, K. A.
Year :  2009
Title : Soil CO2 emissions in agricultural watersheds with agroforestry and grass contour buffer strips
Journal : Agroforestry Systems
Comment : Soil water-filled pore space (WFPS), The highest cumulative CO2 production for the grass soil (1,279 mg CO2-C kg soil-1) occurred at 80% WFPS, and was approximately 2 to 2.6 times greater than the agroforestry and cropped soils at 80% WFPS.
In re-established forest ecosystems, Oren et al. (2001) reported that with elevated CO2 levels, the limiting factor regulating C sequestration was low soil fertility.
Knops and Tilman (2000) found that in formerly cultivated fields, soil total organic C recovered faster after the establishment of grasses with sufficient available N compared to fields that had limited available N.


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