Author : Giregon Olupot, Heiko Daniel, Peter Lockwood, Melinda McHenry and Malem McLeod
Year : 2010
Title : Root contributions to long-term storage of soil organic carbon: theories, mechanisms and gaps
Journal :2010 19th World Congress of Soil Science, Soil Solutions for a Changing World
Comment :SOC (soil organic carbon) tends to be concentrated in the topsoil where the highest FRB (fine root biomass) is located. Over 60% of all live root biomass occurred above 0.1 m depth. Rooting depth and profile distribution may be used to indicate potential to locate and sequester SOC in subsurface horizons (Rasse et al. 2005; Denef and Six 2006), because during their growth, roots punch through moist soil deforming and repacking it (Hinsinger et al. 2009), while depositing C along their way (Hirth et al. 2005).


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