Author : Schindlbacher, A. Jandl, R. Schindlbacher, S.
Year : 2014
Title : Natural variations in snow cover do not affect the annual soil CO2 efflux from a mid-elevation temperate forest
Journal : Global Change Biology
Comment : Cumulative CO2 efflux from beneath snow cover varied between 0.46 and 0.95 t C ha-1 yr-1 and amounted to between 6 and 12% of the annual efflux. When compared over a fixed interval (the longest period of snow cover during the 5 years), the cumulative CO2 efflux ranged between 0.77 and 1.18 t C ha-1 or between 11 and 15% of the annual soil CO2 efflux. The relative contribution (15%) was highest during the year with the shortest winter. Variations in snow cover were not reflected in the annual CO2 efflux (7.44–8.41 t C ha-1) which did not differ significantly between years and did not correlate with any snow parameter.


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