Author : Makiranta, P. Minkkinen, K. Hytonen, J. Laine, J.
Year : 2008
Title :  Factors causing temporal and spatial variation in heterotrophic and rhizospheric components of soil respiration in afforested organic soil croplands in Finland
Journal : Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Comment : They separated soil respiration originating from the decomposition of peat (SRP), and aboveground litter (SRL) and root respiration (SRR) in six afforested organic soil croplands in Finland with varying tree species and stand ages using the trenching method.
The variation in SR was primarily related to changes in soil surface temperature (5 cm), which explained 71–96% of variation in SR rates. Root respiration correlated positively with the biomass of ground vegetation. From the total soil respiration peat decomposition comprised a major share of 42%; the proportion of autotrophic respiration being 41% and aboveground litter 17%.


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