Author :  
S. Norra, L. L. Handley, Z. Berner & D. Stuben
Year : 
Title : 
13C and 15N natural abundances of urban soils and herbaceous vegetation in Karlsruhe, Germany
Journal : 
European Journal of Soil Science
This study represents a major advance in the use of stable isotope geochemistry in understanding urban environments. The spatial pattern of 13C in surface soil correlated with that of the underlying parent material; construction activities superimposed a secondary signal. Maize cultivation was a source of less negative soil 13C, whereas the C3 vegetation is a source of more negative soil 13C. There was no significant effect of wind direction or geology on soil or plant 15N, which was correlated mainly with land use. The largest soil 15N was under agriculture and the smallest under woodland. The abundance of 15N in inner-urban soil and plants was intermediate between those of agriculture and forests.


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