Author :  
Edmondson, J. L.
Stott, I.
Davies, Z. G.
Gaston, K. J.
Leake, J. R.

Year : 

Title : 
Soil surface temperatures reveal moderation of the urban heat island effect by trees and shrubs

Journal : 
Scientific Reports

 Urban green spaces may be important in reducing surface temperature extremes, but their effects have not been investigated at a city-wide scale. 

 Across a mid-sized UK city we buried temperature loggers at the surface of green space soils at 100 sites, stratified by proximity to city centre, vegetation cover and land-use. 

 Mean daily soil surface temperature over 11 months increased by 0.6 °C over the 5 km from the city outskirts to the centre. Trees and shrubs in non-domestic green space reduced mean maximum daily soil surface temperatures in the summer by 5.7 °C compared to herbaceous vegetation, but tended to maintain slightly higher temperatures in winter.


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