Author :  
Ghandehari, M.
Aghamohamadnia, M.
Dobler, G.
Karpf, A.
Buckland, K.
Qian, J.
Koonin, S.

Year : 

Title : 
Mapping Refrigerant Gases in the New York City Skyline

Journal : 
Scientific Reports


  They demonstrate the utility of persistent synoptic long wave hyperspectral imaging to study the ongoing leakage of refrigerant gases in New York City, compounds that either deplete the stratosphere ozone or have significant global warming potential. 

 These include large quantities of Chlorodifluoromethane (HCFC-22) and Ammonia along with a number of other gases. Another unexpected observation was the prevalence of Ammonia in the NYC atmosphere. The oblique view imagery, the digital surface model of NYC, and the MODTRAN atmospheric model were used for estimation of plume concentrations. A controlled release was carried out to test the proposed approach by comparing the concentration derived from the imagery versus that obtained using the known quantity of a plume of an inert chemical (1, 1-Difluoroethane). 

 Their results suggest that long-term spectroscopic imaging campaigns will be instrumental for estimating gaseous refrigerant emissions for the purpose of both research and policy, and are especially practical in population centers. Their goal is to contribute to better understanding of the composition, sources, concentration, prevalence and patterns of emissions for the purposes of both research and policy. 


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