Author : Subhadip Ghosh, Bryant C. Scharenbroch, Lai Fern Ow

Year : 2016

Title : Soil organic carbon distribution in roadside soils of Singapore

Journal :  Chemosphere

Comment : They characterized the soil organic carbon (SOC) in roadside soils across the city-state of Singapore. We tested three hypotheses that SOC contents (concentration and density) in Singapore would be positively related to above ground tree biomass, soil microbial biomass and land-use patterns.

 Singapore's roadside soils represent 4% of Singapore's land, but store 2.9 million Mg C (estimated range of 0.3-11 million Mg C). This amount of SOC is equivalent to 25% of annual anthropogenic
C emissions in Singapore. Soil organic C contents in Singapore's soils were not related to above ground vegetation or soil microbial biomass, whereas land-use patterns to best explain variance in SOC in Singapore's roadside soils.


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