Author: Leon, E. Vargas, R. Bullock, S. Lopez, E. Panosso, A. R. La Scala, N.
Year : 2014
Title: Hot spots, hot moments, and spatio-temporal controls on soil CO2 efflux in a water-limited ecosystem
Journal : Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Comment : In a water-limited ecosystem, Soil CO2 efflux increased 522% during a hot moment after rewetting of soils following dry summer months. Monthly precipitation was the primary driver of the seasonal trend of soil CO2 efflux (including the hot moment) and through changes in soil volumetric water content (VWC) it influenced the relationship between CO2 efflux and soil temperature. During the dry season high soil VWC was associated with high soil CO2 efflux, and during the wet season the emergence of a hot spot of soil CO2 efflux was associated with higher root biomass and leaf area index.


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