Author: Gong, J. R. Wang, Y. H. Liu, M. Huang, Y. M. Yan, X. Zhang, Z. Y. Zhang, W.
Year : 2014
Title: Effects of land use on soil respiration in the temperate steppe of Inner Mongolia, China
Journal : Soil & Tillage Research
Comment : This study was to determine the effects of land use (mowing, grazing exclusion, and grazing) on soil respiration (Rs) of a semi-arid temperate grassland during two growing seasons. Rs was strongly positively correlated with soil moisture for all three land uses, but weakly correlated with soil temperature (R2 < 0.4 in all cases). Rs was significantly positively correlated with aboveground biomass (R2 = 0.834), soil organic matter (R2 = 0.765), root biomass (R2 = 0.704), lignin mass loss rate (R2 = 0.422), and the cellulose mass loss rate (R2 = 0.849) and significantly negatively correlated with the litter C/N (R2 = 0.609). The temperature sensitivity (Q10) exhibited large monthly changes, and ranged from 0.52 to 2.12. Rainfall plays a dominant role in soil respiration: precipitation increased soil respiration, but the response differed among the land-use types.


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