Author : Li, S. Deng, H. Rensing, C. Zhu, Y. G.
Year : 2014
Title : Compaction stimulates denitrification in an urban park soil using N-15 tracing technique
Journal : Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Comment : This study showed that soil compaction, by reducing O2 availability, promoted denitrification enzyme activity and stimulated N2O emissionmostly contributed by denitrification pathways. Without extra substrate, higher nitrous oxide (N2O) flux and denitrification enzyme activity were observed in the compacted soil than in the uncompacted soil. Denitrification contributed 96 % of the emitted N2O in the compacted soil and 36 % of the emitted N2O in the uncompacted soil; total denitrification rate was higher in the compacted soil (up to 79.35 ng N h-1 g-1) than in the uncompacted soil (0.11 ng N h-1 g-1).


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