Author : Orsini, F. Gasperi, D. Marchetti, L. Piovene, C. Draghetti, S. Ramazzotti, S. Bazzocchi, G. Gianquinto, G.
Year : 2014
Title : Exploring the production capacity of rooftop gardens (RTGs) in urban agriculture: the potential impact on food and nutrition security, biodiversity and other ecosystem services in the city of Bologna
Journal : Food Security
Comment : Many of these citizens are already trying to take back some unused and abandoned areas and convert theminto green spaces. This experiment showed that RTGs could provide more than 12,000 t yr-1 vegetables to Bologna, satisfying 77% of the inhabitants' requirements. Moreover, as these newly created green space could be integrated into a network of green corridors, possible benefits for urban biodiversity. Consequently, urban agriculture is gaining relevance all over the world and it is necessary to devise new strategies to ensure the food supply and food security of those who live in urban environments.


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