Author : Han, G. X. Xing, Q. H. Luo, Y. Q. Rafique, R. Yu, J. B. Mikle, N.
Year : 2014
Title : Vegetation Types Alter Soil Respiration and Its Temperature Sensitivity at the Field Scale in an Estuary Wetland
Journal : Plos One
Comment There were exponential correlations between soil respiration and soil temperature, and the fitted Q10 values varied among different vegetation types (1.81, 2.15 and 3.43 for Phragmites australisSuaeda salsa and bare soil sites, respectively. The mean monthly soil respiration was positively correlated with shoot and root biomass, total C, and total N among the three vegetation patches. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the differences in vegetation types when using models to evaluate soil respiration in an estuary wetland.


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