Author : Zhang, X. F. Zhang, X. Li, G. H.
Year : 2015
Title : The effect of texture and irrigation on the soil moisture vertical-temporal variability in an urban artificial landscape: a case study of Olympic Forest Park in Beijing
Journal : Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering
Comment The soil moisture temporal variability at a particular depth depended on the extent of influences of the generating or damping factors of moisture anomalies, mainly due to the influences of rainfall and ET, and sometimes of irrigation also. Due to the disturbance of frequent irrigation and occasionally rainfall, the moisture of the upper layer also behaved as a random noise-like series. In the deeper layer, where the moisture perturbation was filtered by the upper layer, the deep root transpiration became the major source of moisture variability. Consequently, the moisture persistence time-scale in the deeper layer was consistent with the characteristic time-scale of longer than a month for deep transpiration.


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