Author : Bahn, M. Rodeghiero, M. Anderson-Dunn, M. Dore, S. Gimeno, C. Drosler, M. Williams, M. Ammann, C. Berninger, F. Flechard, C. Jones, S. Balzarolo, M. Kumar, S. Newesely, C. Priwitzer, T. Raschi, A. Siegwolf, R. Susiluoto, S. Tenhunen, J. Wohlfahrt, G. Cernusca, A.
Year : 2008
Title : Soil Respiration in European Grasslands in Relation to Climate and Assimilate Supply
Journal : Ecosystems
Comment This study provides a synthesis of soil respiration (Rs) in 20 European grasslands across a climatic transect. Temperature-independent seasonal fluctuations of Rs of an intensively managed pasture were closely related to changes in leaf area index (LAI). Across sites Rs10 increased with mean annual soil temperature (MAT), LAI and gross primary productivity (GPP) indicating that assimilate supply overrides potential acclimation to prevailing temperatures. Also annual Rs was closely related to LAI and GPP.


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