Author : Wang, C. K. Yang, J. Y. Zhang, Q. Z.
Year : 2006
Title : Soil respiration in six temperate forests in China
Journal : Global Change Biology
Comment The sensitivity of soil respiration (Rs) to soil temperature at 10cm depth (Q10) ranged from 2.61 in the oak forest to 3.75 in the aspen-birch forests. The Q10 tended to increase with soil water content until reaching a threshold, and then decline. The annual Rs for the larch, pine, hardwood, oak, mixed deciduous, and aspen-birch forests averaged 403, 514, 781, 785, 786, and 813 gCm -2 yr- 1, respectively. The annual Rs was positively correlated to soil organic carbon (SOC) concentration at O horizon (R2 = 0.868) and total biomass of roots < 0.5 cm in diameter (R2 = 0.748).


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