Author : Dorrepaal, E. Toet, S. van Logtestijn, R. S. P. Swart, E. van de Weg, M. J. Callaghan, T. V. Aerts, R.
Year : 2009
Title : Carbon respiration from subsurface peat accelerated by climate warming in the subarctic
Journal : Nature
Comment Their result indicate that climate warming of about 1 °C over the next few decades could induce a global increase in heterotrophic respiration of 38–100 megatonnes of C per year. Climate warming therefore accelerates respiration of the extensive, subsurface carbon reservoirs in peatlands to a much larger extent than was previously thought. They find that at least 69% of the increase in respiration rate originated from carbon in peat towards the bottom (25–50 cm) of the active layer above the permafrost.


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