Author : DeForest, J. L. Chen, J. Q. McNulty, S. G.
Year : 2009
Title : Leaf litter is an important mediator of soil respiration in an oak-dominated forest
Journal : International Journal of Biometeorology
They measured respiration in an oak-dominated forest with or without the O horizon for 1 year within the Oak Openings Region of northwest Ohio. The presence of the O horizon represented a large source of seasonal variation in soil respiration (SR). The timing of oak phenology explained some of the large changes in both SR and litter respiration (LR), and their relationship with temperature and moisture. The contribution to SR of respiration from the mineral soil was greatest during pregrowth and pre-dormancy, as evident by the low LR:mineral soil respiration (MSR) ratios of 0.65±0.10 (mean ± SE) and 0.69±0.03, respectively, as compared to the other phenophases.


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