Author : Wang, Y. F. Hao, Y. B. Cui, X. Y. Zhao, H. T. Xu, C. Y. Zhou, X. Q. Xu, Z. H.
Year : 2014
Title : Responses of soil respiration and its components to drought stress
Journal : Journal of Soils and Sediments
Comment This work aims to review the recent and current literature about the variations in Rs during the period of drought stress. The sensitivity of soil respiration and its components to drought stress depended on the ecosystems and seasonality. 

 Drought stress depressed Rs in mesic and xeric ecosystems, while it stimulated Rs in hydric ecosystems. The reductions in supply and availability of substrate decreased both auto- and heterotrophic respirations, leading to the temporal decoupling of root and mycorrhizal respiration from canopy photosynthesis as well as C allocation. 

 Drought stress also reduced the diffusion of soluble C substrate, and activities of extracellular enzymes, consequently, limited microbial activity and reduced soil organic matter decomposition. 

 Drought stress altered Q10 values and broke the coupling between temperature and soil respiration. Additionally, rewetting stimulated soil respiration dramatically in most cases, except for soil that experienced extreme drought stress periods.


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